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Borrowing some of Dracmor's suggestions here
- When modded gear is dropped or bought the mods within should all be the same Item Rating level, and the piece itself should be within +/- 1 iLvl of your average.
- The Recalibrate screen should show the min and max potential of the amplifier you are rolling on - agree
- Recalibration should have a max cost - agree
- There should be no blue/purple mats required for green gear crafted below 285 Item Rating - sure. I mean we could debate on the exact iLevel but green stuff should NEVER require blue or purple materials, let alone EXOTICS from conquest and group endgame content.
- There should be no Premium Data Spikes (sliced tech item) required for Bioanalysis - agree
- No matter the level, 20% should be the lowest chance to RE for a schematic - agree
- The ability to change font size on the new character window
- Codex should be added that describes all possible amplifiers and to what gear pieces they are attached to
I'll add the following:
  • Tech fragments from deconstruction need to be increased at least ten-fold. Please learn from Ossus and disintegrating Ossus 252/258 gear into 175 UCs instead of the abysmally low UC rate for tier 4 command crate gear. Tech fragment rewards from [DAILY] and [WEEKLY] content or activity finder bonuses need to be increased at least three-fold.
  • Nesting of blue prototype assembly components requiring premium assembly components should be removed. Material requirements should be reduced to 10% of their current costs. One 4-stack of entry level blue adrenals should not require 120 green premium materials. I don't care what you are saying Musco, resources are not falling out of the sky for me, I spent 7 hours doing group and solo content or more on phase 3. There aren't enough nodes on Onderon, the yield is too low from mobs and nodes, and the mission times and yields are terrible even with all influence rank 50 companions.
  • PTS crafting is insanely broken beyond what I've stated here and what Dracmor wrote. It is completely unworkable. I would rather you do what you did with Grade 9 materials way back in 4.0 and simply defer the crafting changes until you have some reasonable fixes, than go live with this steaming pile of nerf excrement.
  • Please reduce the number of variations of armorings, barrels, hilts, mods, and enhancements. Tinkering with stats is not a bad thing but its less important at lower levels and it doesn't play nicely in the sandbox with RNG.
  • Please remove the 5k tech fragment cap, or make it sufficiently high that a player can buy more than one piece of gear from the fixed vendors, at least 12k.
  • Please put General, class non-specific, set bonuses and tactical items on a different vendor than the class-specific ones. Even if the discipline filter worked (see below), its too much to sort through.
  • please fix the discipline filter for the non-RNG set bonus/tactical item class vendors
  • please fix the missing Alliance Supply Crates from planetary heroics when a player is level 75. While you're at it, figure out why the datacron decorations stopped dropping from the champion mobs in those planetary heroics sometime in 4.0 and to where the conquered exarch bracers disappeared way back in 4.0, instead of dropping from paladins and exarchs in heroic mode star fortress.
  • please fix the broken scaling when players are in special situations, like manned turrets or walkers

Lastly, decide what you are really trying to accomplish with the scaling system:
Are you trying to make older content more challenging for level-cap highly-geared players?
Are you trying to optimize the scaling technology so that fresh level 50s have a better chance of completing the content originally designed for them, for which Bolstering to level cap is eventually not going to be enough?

You've never really answered this question directly despite my asking multiple times. Because they require different solutions, and we could have provided better feedback if we knew what the intent was.
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