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10.09.2019 , 10:38 PM | #3
glad for this thread

-ive heard alot of crafters complaining. im not a dcrafter but you should look into thaty
-scale instead of cap for level sync
-make mm fps 75, vet and mm ops 75... or say your trying to by 6.x
-dont have 20 variants of all the item mods... we already have to get random enhancements... thats bad enough
-dont make gear cost 1 mil per piece from kai... make it isos or something we get from content.
-the 2% accuracy/alacrity/crit should by percent not rating to be viable.
-no more rng vendor... make it like pvp mods used to be.
-dont give gear without mods if you want us to use set bonuses... you expect us to give up our set bonus to run with unmoddable gear?