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10.09.2019 , 04:48 PM | #1
Because there are so many scattered threads with feedback and because some threads have been buried underneath circular debate I think it would be a good idea to have one thread where people post a concise list of changes they hope are made by the time 6.0 releases. No debating the actual suggestions or the merits of the various 6.0 systems, just a list of requested changes.

Here is my list:
- When modded gear is dropped or bought the mods within should all be the same Item Rating level
- The Recalibrate screen should show the min and max potential of the amplifier you are rolling on
- Recalibration should have a max cost
- There should be no blue/purple mats required for green gear crafted below 285 Item Rating
- There should be no Premium Data Spikes (sliced tech item) required for Bioanalysis
- No matter the level, 20% should be the lowest chance to RE for a schematic
- Sorc/Sage healers should get a min +10% buff to heals and a -10% to resource cost
- The clicky items for Onderon daily quests need an amazingly fast respawn rate
- The ability to change font size on the new character window
- Codex should be added that describes all possible amplifiers and to what gear pieces they are attached to