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I do not know how possible it would be, but I would love a game that has the open world and free roam possibilities of an Elder Scrolls game with a Star Wars setting. Imagine fifteen or so worlds with an exploration size of about Solstheim in TES V: Skyrim (some larger, some smaller, maybe a few as big as Skyrim), with some additional areas about the size of Blackreach or the Soul Cairn. Go where you want, explore to your hearts content, ignore the main story and just roam the worlds. I would love that, but I would not want it set during the Clone Wars. Old Republic or High Republic would give more leeway for the story. I think the Clone Wars would require the story to adhere too closely to the films and limit options.
Actually we really lack good Clone wars games that tell story and they can divert from main cannon to be stand alone, there could tone of potential there (After all animated show is the high peak example of it)

That said, we really don't have anything that tells the story of High republic ... expect comics (and they only started to roll out and to me it was always a mystery why no one tries to tackle with that era)

We have SWTOR to continue where KOTOR games left off, but nothing but wikia and perhaps some one-shot stories that tell the story where Old republic end and new began