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I hate the 6 piece set bonus for almost every DPS class. I think the autocrit thing is a poor idea, and it's made worse in AP. That's why so many people whine about AP's burst, is because of the huge DPS you can pump out in its opener due to the guaranteed crit on Energy Burst.

My ideal 6 piece set bonus for Combat Tech would be to bring back the old PvE set bonus of 8% increased damage on Railshot. This would help Pyro's damage out as well as toning down AP's huge burst in its opener (unless you get lucky.)

But like I said, I'm not a fan of the autocrit on any set bonus and I think they all need to be changed. It's absolutely broken in specs, such as AP...but also for Marksman snipers. You shouldn't be allowed two guaranteed almost 20k hits per minute, which is exactly what you have with the way Laze Target works with their 6-piece.
Well good thing you're the minority because the autocrits are the best part of all the sets.