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Welcome back to the game. Let me start by saying DPS specs are in my opinion leveling the best for leveling. These following specs are generally recognized as the easiest ones and the ones that require little setup for a lot of damage, which is optimal for leveling:
Merc/Mando: Gunnery/Arsenal
Powertech/Vanguard: Advanced Prototype/Tactics
Sniper/Slinger: Sharpshooter/Marksman
Operative/Scoundrel: Concealment/Scrapper
Assassin/Shadow: Deception/Infiltration
Sorcerer/Sage: Lightning/Telekinetics
Juggernaut/Guardian: Rage/Focus
Marauder/Sentinel: Fury/Concentration, Carnage/Combat is also a burst spec but it's not in a good place right now.

However, I would recommend trying other specs, cause this is a game and it should be all about fun. I personally level my marauder/sentinel using the dot spec (Annihilation/Watchman) because I like it more. That being said, if you just want easiest specs, take the ones in the list above.

As for heals/tank, here is my rankings for ease of play (this is very personal though, and not my personal preferences):
Tanks: 1. Jugg/Guard 2. Sin/Shadow 3. PT/Vanguard
Healers: 1. Sorc/sage or Merc/Mando 3. Op/Scoundrel
It mostly comes down to which class you feel like you want to heal/tank on.
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