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11.30.2018 , 06:31 AM | #1
After my long absence of 2+ years from the game, I finally got a new computer that I can hook up to my gigantic TV and play TOR in 4k from an eye ruining distance. Except, of course, all the standards have changed in those two years and I missed two expansions' worth of balancing and content, and now almost none of my previous characters feel familiar. Even my trusty Vengeance Juggernaut has a very strange rotation that keeps running out of stacked bleeds, which just didn't happen back when I was still playing. Not to mention a whole slew of crafting changes, and economy changes (RIP Planetary Commendations), and basically I might as well start anew (with the benefits of my legacy unlocks, but other than that).

So, in order for me to quickly start experiencing post-Shadow of Revan content without fumbling around with my current level 60 characters whose rotations I have already forgotten and whose items might as well be garbage now, which spec for each class / role will let me level up with the least learning process for specific rotations, just to get back in the right feel for the game? Preferably at least one tank and one healer, but I am flexible for the rest.

((This is currently strictly PvE, because last I checked PvP progression and specs were quite different from PvE, and I at least want to see the class and expansion stories again before getting back into the PvP grind.))