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I agree with almost everything.

What I don't agree on is under cutting. To me, this is leaving credits in the pockets of your customer that could have been in your own. I'm not saying sell for the highest price, but never sell to lose money. If a market is saturated and the undercutting is fierce put those items into storage until the storm passes and give something else a shot.

To an extent I also disagree that you can't make credits while leveling. My current leveling project has made over 5 million credits while being entirely self-sufficient. I agree that you should wait to level a crafting and mission skill until you hit end cap and that you should always take slicing for the free credits but by taking 2 additional gathering skills you can earn credits by the bucket full and have enough credits at end game to level a craft and mission skill as well as fully augment some gear.

Like anything worthwhile you have to learn your subject and make the effort.
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