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BW is no working on it, they dont care. They have your money and could not give a **** about what happens next. There are problems but do you think they will fix them in an efficient manor? **** no. I have characters locked and do not know what is being done about it oh hang on they could be designing the next janitor uniform for the cartel market. I was a big supporter of this move but the constant **** arounds I have been getting over the past month has soured any enjoyment I get out of this game. Warhammer online died because of the ******** customer service and lip service they provided their community. You are doing the same thing and you are heading the same way.

Raging? *********** oath... Would I type the same thing if I was calm? Yes, maybe a little more PG friendly.
And what do Warhammer Online and SWTOR have in common?

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There's a lot of us who want this answered. I assume they are working on it.
As for the "fix" from this morning, it's still not working for me either. As for working on it, they're likely all in bed, and no chance of anything being done prior to midnight AEST.

Looks as though we are the transfer guinea pigs before it is opened up to the US and EU players.