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Why even random and not just a weekly rotation. There's already enough RNG - looking at you useless relics

The time cost of each are unequal also:
- x4 MM OPs - say 15 mins each = 1 hour
- SM Ops - 1 lockout = 15 mins (OR 1 full op = 1 hour)
- 8 PVP Medals - 1 match = 10 mins
- 3 GSF Wins = ? (no idea, I skip this one)

PVP for 10 mins or MM FPs for an hour+
Coming from someone that plays on Satele Shan, MM FPs are more dependent on your role. I would say it takes 45 mins on average to get a queue pop as a dps because there are so many, tanks are almost always insta queue, and healers are a toss up, it's either instant or 20+ minutes.

SM Ops are about right, but as of late it can take 10+ mins just to put lockout runs together, a bit faster when the weekly is active.

PvP is about right, but some game types take longer, and running into stacked teams sucks for trying to get medals.

But GSF is a nightmare on SS. I picked it up early Tuesday (10ish est(maybe earlier?)) to try and get it done before the mission swapped at 2, and it took 4+ hours to get 5 matches. 3 wins, 1 of which didn't count to finish the weekly, a loss, and a final win in the form of not having enough people in the match to continue. But what sucks even more than having to wait an hour on average for GSF queue pops, is that from my experience with it, you're either on a team that is completely wrecking the other, or you're the one getting wrecked. Granted I don't have much time in it, but that's usually my experience with it. It's just not fun running into people that play it on a daily basis with fully upgraded ships, blowing you up before you even realize you're being attacked, on top of not wanting to play the game mode in the first place, on top of long queue time, and then there is the wins not counting bug that still exists.

Which btw, I put in a ticket with support about the win not counting because I thought it would be faster than getting a 4th win, and I tacked on the bottom that people are gonna riot about it being GSF again, and I got the same generic reply that my buddy got for putting a ticket in solely about it being GSF for a 3rd week. Support didn't acknowledge the win not counting in any way and just closed the ticket.