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In regards to the Ossus weekly, its actually easy. Drop the MM FP requirement to 2, an the GSF one instead of wins to just get 8 medals like in pvp. Simple. Then all 4 weeklys are relatively the same difficulty wise. (Other then the MM one, but 4 is to much, but 1 is to low. 2 is right there in the middle.)
8 medals isn't nearly as easy in GSF as it is in PvP. So that's not equal, at all. Also MM FP aren't that hard, just uncheck the longer difficult FPs, or hell just do Hammer Station 4 times if you must. It's all a matter of opinion though, isn't it? For me MM FP and PvP is easy, GSF is annoying, and I raid 5 days a week so the Operation one is also easy. 3 weeks of any of these things is just bad overall.

lolz the RNG ... smh