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You forgot to add the following:

  • Due to popularity, the Flashfire will now have the highest armor, hull, and shields of any ship in the game with a reduced cost to engine boost and an increase in weapon power. Their range will also rival that of a gunship, and their accuracy and damage will be adjusted to accommodate this new range. They can now use Protorps as well as drop Hyperspace Beacons and various other mines and drones, and can use a second co-pilot.

  • Colliding with an object after activating an engine ability will destroy the object and not the ship. It is now possible to delete the entire map. This function is only accessible with a Flashfire.

  • However, almost none of you have cherished this ship as much as the person who posted this, therefore if your ship stats are beneath theirs in terms of skill and playtime, the ship will be removed from your Hangar across all characters on your Legacy who meet that criteria. You will be unable to re-acquire it for these toons thereafter. Any character who does not meet this criteria will be exempt from this purge.

  • Upon miraculously defeating a Flashfire, you will unlock the title 'Le Hacke', and all of your credits and cartel coins will be withdrawn from your account and given to the victim of your obvious hax within 24hrs as a form of compensation. Why would you ever do such a thing? That poor, defenseless Flashfire...

  • If you find yourself in a match with a Flashfire on the other team, fret not. We have also disabled the exit battle option for your convenience.

These changes do not effect the Sith Empire's variant of this craft. Sorry, Sting!
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