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03.18.2013 , 07:38 PM | #2
Hi, this applies to all crew skills. Is it possible to place the level of the crafted item next to what it is? For example my cybertech toon is level 34, now when I want to craft a level 15 earpiece for a guild member or friend I open my cybertech craft tree and have to scroll through 40+ different earpieces trying to find which one is the level 15. If the tree had level numbers on the left it would make it sooo much quicker to find what I wanted. When I get my toon to level 50 (or cybertech 400) I will have 100+ items just in the earpiece tree plus the armoring or grenade tree. It almost takes as much time to find a level 15 earpiece as it does to craft it. The color code on the right of the tree does help with knowing what craft skill points I will obtain from crafting 'it', but the greyed out lower level stuff has no discernible way to judge what item is what level.
Have been waiting on group members at flashpoints and have crafted items for friends on the spot, but as the craft tree gets longer is takes too long to search through each item, waste to much time doing it when implementing a level guide would solve it so easily.