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12.23.2012 , 05:14 AM | #1829
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Have about we stop lying and start telling the truth. When I premade it's all about taking every advantage we can get to roflstomp the opposition. This game's queue system guarantees that I will be able to roflstomp in about every warzone. If I wanted a challenge I would queue for ranked warzones.


We've got a winner.

It's amazing how people will defend the status quo so long as those who speak loudest benefit most.

The premades in this game are out of control. There is no excuse for it. "OMG I just want to play with my friends."... play against other like minded groups! And the excuses begin and continue and go on and on and on...

There are 8 people on a side in this tiny *** warzone game... there should never have been an allowance for half the team to be a coordinated voice joined pugstomper machine.


All your excuses are just that... excuses. You want to win versus pugs. The end.

Note to you! That's not a good game, and that's not fun to anyone involved who's actually interested in having fun.

Oh, except to you excusers you like to pugstomp. Yay you.

Feel good?