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first off, abrams is not a film maker, he makes movies not films. there is a dif between the two. 50 years from now, star wars will still be viewed as an important film and will be apreaciated by film makers and film historians. JJ's star trek movies will be forgotten and not even talked about. the same will be true for his star wars movie.

second, abrams has already shown that he has ZERO respect for any franchise. he rebooted/reset star trek because it was the easiest thing for him to do. if he cared about the franchise or was actually a great filmmaker, he would have developed new characters as the base future movies on. but he is a hack and lazy, so he just ripped off the original trek characters and wrecked them as well as demolishing all trek cannon and lore.

he will do the same to star wars if he is given the chance. the only thing star wars fans can hope is, disney + whats left of lucasfilm didnt give abrams total control of the movie, especially the story.
What bantha poodoo is this? Movie and film are the same thing, look it up in a dictionary. :P

And again, your not making any points. I could replace 'Star Trek' with any other thing and you would be saying the same thing. Just verbally attacking a different franchise.

How did he 'wreck and demolish' Star Trek lore? Last time I check he saved that franchise from a dull, dry death. Its fanbase is now bigger than ever, the film was critically acclaimed by just about everyone and was nominated for four Oscars among other awards. Its painstakingly obvious that the only people who didn't like it where the Star Trek snob minority. The funny thing is your shouting at the wrong person. Abrams didn't write the story, he didn't decided to do the reboot, he didn't even pick the actors, he just directed the film. So you can only complain about its cinematography, not the story, not the acting - making all your points null and void.

Yeah, I'm sure the only Star Trek film to ever win an Oscar will be forgotten real quick. I'm afraid it will be the other way round, this is what future generations will remember, and for good reason.