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This guy is the worst choice to direct the next Star Wars film....he made Star Trek the dang Trek fans are everywhere nowadays. Star Wars must be directed by someone who respects the entire saga of Star Wars. And let that Abrams stick with Star Trek because he would destroy the new Star Wars movie given the chance. Trek directors like him needs to stay away from the WARS ( Any Star Wars Based Franchise )!!!

I think this is unfair and carries the undertone of Star Wars vs Trekkies this isn't a competition.

Of course there are Trek fans everywhere the franchise is almost 50 years old, more than a decade older than Star Wars and most fans and critics agree that Abrams did a fantastic job on Star Trek.

I was particularly impressed how he was able to capture the essence and chemistly of the original cast especially Kurt Urban's portrayal of McCoy was spot on.

To say that Abrams is bad for Star Wars, because he doesn't respect the saga and will purposely destroy it if given the chance is irrational.

On what grounds do you base this on?

With that said I'm not saying Abrams can do no wrong or even that he's the absolute best choice for the job, but he's by far not the worst choice either.

Imagine waking up to read the headline "Michael Bay To Direct The Next Star Wars Movie"!

Imagine the $*&#storm that would have created, but ultimately there is no director dead or alive who would satisfy everyone.
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