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Alright, since Sel decided to do a tactical standing of her faction, I will do the same.

Aurk will stay on Bastion, for more or less the entire Kaggath, there is no reason to move him. From the Bastion, he can use his charisma in propaganda to sway the underworld into supporting me, if they aren't already. Vader will likely lead the battle, seeing his tactical mind and fear to push the assault when needed.

With the underworld on my side, it stands to reason all of my ships would be modified as much as possible to make them more deadly than ever. Also, do I get the Eclipse?

With the IGBC, I have basically infinite credits, coupled with the money from the Besadii Kajidic. Aruk would hire every bounty hunter, assassin, and spy in the galaxy to find and attack your faction. That adds up very quickly. Plus hailfire droids.

Finally, I have the physiological edge. I have, as my ruler, perhaps the most feared man in the galaxy (excluding the Emperor). I also have the Sun Guard, who where feared by all, and the Royal Guard, also terrifying. Are the DI's assassins going to want to risk there life in fighting troops that are so scary?
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