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I have more sleep and more info.
Eh, I've forgone sleep at this point. Anywho...

I see an issue that DI will have to overcome. A lot of FE's forces are gear to being defensive (Sun Guard, Imperial Guard, Kir Kanos), especially against a lot of what I see DI bringing to the table.

Also, the two aren't 'core' close, but if my internal map is correct they are fairly close by galactic/out rim standards.

I love Sel's choice of Malgus's stealth fleet for this though especially with Santhe/Sienar Technologies

Trench also knows how to hunt cloaked ships so the Zann Consortium Navy will suffer a bit from that. However, on that topic I think the Zann Consortium has an advantage with the Mass Driver cannons. Those will be huge.

Vader vs. Traya. If FE gets to Malachor it might come to this. I think we can honestly say Vader would kick her to the curb (he'd draw on the same DS nexus). I think DI would like to kill Vader from a distance if at all possible. Edit: dang it Warren, beating me to it...

Though I see Traya possibly converting Sing. Sing is known as being pretty grey with a lot of DS influences, and Traya is the same way.

That's all I have for now. I'll be back later once I brush up on this. I honestly don't know as much about these guys as I should.
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