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You hardly remain unbiased yourself as you pointed out yourself “Deception is not very good”. Is it justified that some specs are “not very good” and others are more or less mandatory? Allowing “FoTm” to reach divine levels does no one any favors. People that plays broken classes ofc want their classes to remain broken so they can faceroll and spam emotes with little effort, this however is not favorable for the potential future of the game unless you are fine with milking the Cartell market dry and have it end up like Tera where people only log on to open loot boxes and trade outfits?

I sincerely ask people to try remain unbiased and refrain from stating the obvious or this article will just be discarded as another troll post, which was not the intent.
1. I have no idea what you are talking about.
2. Nobody is unbiased. I am personally biased in favor of BW deleting assassins from the game and moving the tank tree over to sorcs (similar to druids), because BW clearly hates this class. Let operatives be the only stealth class.
3. I was talking about deception because he was comparing hatred to deception. I was pointing out that giving hatred just a bit more passive defenses like he recommended would do nothing to help the spec.
4. The point of my entire post was that as long as 4dps vs 4dps solo ranked exists, the game will never be balanced because balancing 4dps vs 4dps is simply impossible. Trying to balance all the class is a waste of time. Trying to balance all the specs is even a bigger waste of time. And hoping BW does something to bring balance to this ridiculous game mode is the biggest waste of time of all.