Thread: PvP Balancing.
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02.24.2021 , 10:08 AM | #25
Every class having their “anti class” that is very hard to deal with 1v1 is perfectly acceptable. But having 2 classes that can take out a small group by themselfs and having enough time to spam emotes ans gloat while doing it? Operator and juggernaut are god tier classes in pvp right now and i very much doubt that could slip anyone’s attention.

Do we really need to head back to 2012 when commando where 1 man armies doing as much damage as healing, allowing them to take on 5 people by themselfs?

Yea sure the commando players had good time basking in their overwhelming power, but if you look past that and at the situation as a whole. Should there really be a “king of the hill” spec/class that, regardless of skill or even compensating for the lack of it, is vastly stronger in all situations? Does this not damage the diversity of things?