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02.24.2021 , 09:54 AM | #23
“ Deception is not very good, so I don't know why you are using it as a standard. Out of all the "viable" specs, it is probably the worst one. Ironically one of the things that keeps this spec out of meme tier is the fact that very few people realized that it should be first target after PT. They are given more freedom to quickly dish out their front loaded burst and then taunt/off guard people. Try focusing the assassin next time and you will see how good deception really is. A little more passive defense will do nothing for hatred. The spec itself is an oxymoron that never should've been made in the first place. A light armored melee DoT spec that has no defensive CDs to speak of, whose setup time is huge and specializes in fluff damage ... is suddenly going to become good because of a little more passive defense? Are you serious?”

You hardly remain unbiased yourself as you pointed out yourself “Deception is not very good”. Is it justified that some specs are “not very good” and others are more or less mandatory? Allowing “FoTm” to reach divine levels does no one any favors. People that plays broken classes ofc want their classes to remain broken so they can faceroll and spam emotes with little effort, this however is not favorable for the potential future of the game unless you are fine with milking the Cartell market dry and have it end up like Tera where people only log on to open loot boxes and trade outfits?

I sincerely ask people to try remain unbiased and refrain from stating the obvious or this article will just be discarded as another troll post, which was not the intent.