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That's my point as well. Overbuffing something doesn't make for good balancing as well. To be honest, mercs would have been more than fine in 5.0 if they had half of what they received. Even their reflect ability would have been enough for them to make a difference. Good mercs were able to play without it, but after 5.0 dropped, even bad mercs using all cooldowns at once were gathering enough wins to get gold, just because nobody could compete.
In my experience, 99% of mercs are horrible. While the other classes have many players of variable skill, the merc is unique that it basically only has the elite players like asana and everyone else is a horrible backpedalling clicker. Probably due to the fact the class is so braindead easy to play it draws the worst people. If they only gave them the shield for example, it wouldn't change anything, they would be back here complaining the next day.

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While I agree that solo ranked was probably the reason why they got so buffed, there wasn't a need to buff them so much that they'd be invincible against other class. There is a difference between giving one more defensive ability to a class and making them so good that you're throwing a game if you're not playing it.
Not probably, solo ranked WAS the reason. Mercs were actually the best class for ops at the time, and the defenses did almost nothing for group ranked as the meta became derp at the time.

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As an example, Hatred Sin when compared to Deception. Hatred struggles due to low survivability. Does this mean that they need three full life in order to be viable ? Hell no, you can buff them decently so they can become decent without being OP (maybe reducing the damage they take from targets afflicted with their dots, like 5% per dot, to match the perma 15% damage reduction that Deception has).
Deception is not very good, so I don't know why you are using it as a standard. Out of all the "viable" specs, it is probably the worst one. Ironically one of the things that keeps this spec out of meme tier is the fact that very few people realized that it should be first target after PT. They are given more freedom to quickly dish out their front loaded burst and then taunt/off guard people. Try focusing the assassin next time and you will see how good deception really is. A little more passive defense will do nothing for hatred. The spec itself is an oxymoron that never should've been made in the first place. A light armored melee DoT spec that has no defensive CDs to speak of, whose setup time is huge and specializes in fluff damage ... is suddenly going to become good because of a little more passive defense? Are you serious?

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And maybe if Bioware was more focusing on giving damage dealers offensive abilities instead of trying to make them play like a skank, we wouldn't be that much running into issues. But I guess it's too hard to come up with creative offensive abilities or passives.
Well they tried that ... many times. Hatred in 3.0 and 6.0 deception are examples (sticking with sins since you brought them up) and people kept whining and complaining about being focused. I'm going to say this again, because you seem to have missed the point. It is IMPOSSIBLE to balance 4dps vs 4dps in a deathmatch. There will always, ALWAYS be one class that is the first target. ALWAYS, no exceptions. Balancing by power will do nothing but exacerbate this.

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Same goes for tanks, who should behave more like protectors and less like immortal beasts. Giving them more tools to defend their team allows them to have an impact without needing to gear with dps equipment. But hurr durr, tonk doesn't need tank stats because cooldowns are too strong.
Remember how everyone "pinky swore" to start using tank gear if only the crits would be blocked by absorb. People don't want balance, they want their class to be OP, that's all. The people who actually want real balance don't post here complaining. It's the old phrase "dear company, please nerf paper and buff rock, scissors is fine, signed rock".