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Snipers are overperforming in PVP in general because they're far too hard to kill. Engineering even more so because of the plasma probe changes but that's not the point.

The point is that marksman parses where it's supposed to according to this post by BW, and yet it is still overperforming in PVP because it, like all the sniper specs, is too hard to kill. There are multiple MM snipers above 3K in solo ranked, they're extremely common and effective in group ranked as well, and good MM snipers regularly top DPS scoreboards simply because they have to put so little effort into dying compared to many other classes that their poor parses mean almost nothing in PVP. If it were the fact that they're a ranged burst class, you'd expect lightning to be similar. But it isn't -- it's awful.

I'm making a point about their decision to apparently forgo utility changes for the most part in favor of damage output. It's not necessary that you believe me about MM -- take arsenal for example. What are the odds that Arsenal won't continue to be painfully dominant in PVP if they just slightly tweak its damage output but leave the trauma regulators utility intact? To me the answer to that is extremely obvious - the odds are about zero.

what this guy said (I don't necessarily agree about dot specs but its beside the point)

lethality is garbage in PVP, marksman is top tier - enough said
Exactly what Doc said. MM sniper parses low but is the best solo ranked dps spec this season and if granked still existed it would be top tier there as well. There are a few MM snipers that practically ruin the q when they are on because of their strength. They are a far bigger problem than Mercs.

In regs MM are a little bit less of an issue but they are still over performing. I really do appreciate the devs being more open with their methods and I don't want to attack them for doing something great but I do hope they will think about more than just dps/hps when balancing. The issue with mercs and snipers are their dcds and not their dps.

Also, as someone who has done a lot of kiting this season one idea for fixing MM would be to take away their mobility. A tanky, area denial burst spec is not necessarily a bad thing but well played snipers are actually one of the harder classes to kite (note I said well played as most don't have a clue haha). If snipers were less mobile then their strong defense and burst would not be as much of an issue but as it is now they are actually very mobile as well. I'd rather have 2 good dps ops on me than 2 good dps snipers.

One funny example of the high mobility is that my MM sniper is actually a pretty good ball carrier. I often score several goals in hball with him.