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i wondering more and more about the pvp ..disbalance in this game. ANd the understanding from Bioware in Roleplaying...never see this before !!

Fail 1 : Mercs/Comm's ares still op class since ... i think it was Update 4.0. I extra made me now an Merc and the survivability is much much better then every melee class,
and i have no expierence with this class, its very simple to play. Made much dmg from distance, heal with my scans up to 17k with 230er gear! as arsenal (DD), have 2 shields that heals me nearly full, have heavy armor as range dd.
i stand against 4 enemys alone over 15 secs !! With my jugg (248er gear) i have one chance to heal me. so what i heard from others players is this one of the reasons you need only 5 servers, ;-).
And everyone who tell me now another opinion...pls take your look on 4 vs 4 without healer ... last man standing Merc / Comm or sniper. And specialy for that i made me an merc to level 70 that i know whats possible with this class.

Devs wich dont see that over such an long period, maybe a) wont see this or b) have absolout no plan from the game !

No DD should become heal skills or all !! give every dd class 1 shield that heals him up ..over and out.

Fail 2: in really no game i see that the tank made more dmg then the dds !!? So for what you need DDs , can you tell me. And with the low defense the most melee classes have its the only chance to play tank tree to stay alive a while in
crossfire from mercs and snipers. role play .... sorry but roles dosent exists here.

Fail 3: balance between the melee classes and rang classe overall...but that i wrote in other posts. when lasersword classes not valuable in game make an shooter like hundered others... then you dont need the expensive license :-D

And when theres nothing change in balance, BW needs only 2 servers 1 for USA and 1 for Europe.... the good thing is then.. in Europe they learn different languages :-D
I agree that mercs and sniper are having too much defenses. Yet i disagree with your suggestions of solving this problem. They just need to nerf snipers defeses a bit, and nerf mercs defenses HARD