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12.20.2017 , 07:40 AM | #2
While every operative would enjoy having orbital strike back, there are definite strengths of what this will cause. Concealment, more than anything would have yet another damage output in their opener especially in PVE/Parses, and their opening burst on a target already can take out a portion of health with an instant crit volatile triggering during your initial laceration spam on acid blade ticks. Toxic haze is a pseudo orbital strike, though only healers have the ability to place it like orbital strike, and it does cost a tactical. Operative does lack capable AoE damage, currently only having toxic haze on their feet, and noxious knives which barely goes over 3k in damage. but as they stated before. It does seem rather questionable to give a stealthier, who only needs to be out of stealth for 2 seconds to call an orbital strike, just to re-stealth again. Would love to have orbital on my healer, so I can actually have more damage than dart, haze, and rifle shot without trying to stab a boss as a healer. But personally think the Dps gains on the Dps specs would be too great with their already pseudo orbital strike, toxic haze. Should just buff noxious knives as it doesn't do much damage as other AoEs like sweeping slash Mara/jugg. Though that's just my 2 cents.