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More lore-building articles would definitely be appreciated!
May I just say, if it's not already finalised (I don't know how it is on PTS), can you not lock the Dantooine dailies behind story content? Or otherwise, at least make a future daily area that isn't? So far, the unlocked ones are
  • The Black Hole
  • Section X
  • CZ-198
  • Rishi (kind of, but they're really spread out)
and the locked ones are
  • Makeb
  • Oricon
  • Yavin
  • Ziost
  • Iokath
  • Ossus
Granted, most of these are understandable because they're part of the main plot, but I'd like to do a variety of daily planets without locking myself out of story, or playing through it on the hundredth toon for another 20+ hours.

You could make it a small, quick one (like CZ-198) on Manaan, about grabbing a bunch of kolto, which is a plausible scenario regardless of the character's progress in the story. It would also give you an excuse to open up that dead end on the Manaan map AND make it a place to go other than to do 1 story mission (seriously, Quesh is more of a planet than Manaan is).