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09.25.2019 , 10:56 PM | #26
Okay now that the Test server came back up I got on and the first thing I did not notice was some of my gear had changed. I had four complete sets at 306 rating and now they are a mix of 302 and 304 with only a few that remained 306. My left side stuff remained at 306. Had this been a live server then I would be very upset.

My 368 set lost all the amplifiers it had it just says (nil) in the text spot.

My 306 non-modifiable lightsabers are all broken as they have no mods inside. I knew something like this would happen. Surprised you bowed to such pressure.

Now all you need to do is add Amplifiers to all the cartel market items cause it bob cant use his unstable lightsaber he will not be a happy camper.

Nice that if I am on a toon that has a certain craft that you get mats from the deconstruction. Very nice.
The down side is that I was on my cybertech and she could only deconstruct one item at a time unlike my armstech or biochem who could do 15 at a time.

I still am highly disturbed that you have throttled crafting with the conquest and flashpoint mats. In two years I think I have gotten about 400 conquest mats with your new system I will be lucky if I can craft one piece in a month.
THIS IS IN NO WAY PLAY MY WAY. Greens have been trash crafting since crafting designed cause yo reverse engineered it to get the blue and then the purple. Having to have mats from only one single source is against the phrase play the content I want. Having to have ten toons reach conquest goals and run multiple flashpoints is counter to the way you are setting things up just to make one item.

Change crafting or change the drop rates for those items.

Direct vendors
Not much to say here but to please separate the non class set bonus gear from the class specific set bonus gear. I looked at each one and saw most of the sets repeated.

Maybe nicer if you had a second vendor just for Tacticals.

Was hoping the skins would come with armoring, mod, and enhancement even if they were random because of their cost.

The tech fragment limit needs to be raised for a bit of wiggle room. Preferably to much higher as they are not Command tokens but the replacement for un-assembled components which were made unlimited.

Takanna Vendor
This is still highly unacceptable that the random armoring, mod, and enhancements are still dropping tanking pieces more than 50% of the time for a DPS. How many people have said this needs to be fixed? It is bad enough it is all random but you put in the spec selection so I expect it to work on everything!

I have seen some improvements, but you have a long way to go to make this a manageable system. If we are stuck with RNG for everything it needs to be way better balanced then it is now.

I would like to see the armoring, mods and enhancements cleansed of all repeated stats. That the stats are balanced no matter which one you get. If one mod has a certain combined number for stat points then they all better have the same combined number.

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