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11.28.2013 , 08:43 AM | #1
Hello all , I am currently thinking about bringing all my toons to this server . I was wondering how the pvp pops where
and I see some guilds are recruiting . I have an assassin tank which I have played since launch and have tanked
in every raid except DF DP I haven't been in there except sm DF . I am A MATURE adult married and have kids . I am currently looking for the same people in a guild . I am avail Monday through Saturday 8pm server till 12am , Sundays I play on and off depending on what the family is doing .... and the walking dead is either on or off !

My other toons are a merc dps or heals but I don't play on her much and I have a maruarder in which I am in the process of learning ( would like to get it down like a second nature like I have the assassin ) . I am not looking for MASSIVE guild where its hard to get to know people but a medium size would be good . I like to run alts to get a different look at the fight and learn it other than having giant crotch in the face fights . I am also looking to make a gaming friends that I can play with in other games for long times to come! Had that for along time before we lost a lot of people to rl and marriage ......

Thank you for reading and hope to hear from some great people soon !

ps gear on my assassin is full underworld mid maxed and the other toons are 69 to 72
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