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Just as the title reads...Bioware: Please just be honest with us.

6.0 content is not an expansion. It is an extension. If you would have grouped Ossus, Dantooine, an Onslaught together...that would have been an expansion (if released all together). Be honest and just tell us that you do not have the funding and/or staff at the current time to release a true expansion. Be honest and tell us that you are working on content, just at a slower pace. Be honest and give us a true roadmap like you did in 3.0/4.0. Releasing a roadmap AFTER the content not a roadmap. Stay current, tell us the true future plans.

Engage with us, interact with us, actually listen to our feedback and respond to it. At this point, it feels as though SWTOR is a salmon swimming up creek. I honestly cant tell if you are just waiting for the bear to kill us or are truly making an effort to keep this game going..
the Revan expansion is similar to this so its hard to call it 5.11. On top of that, there have been many other changes to the overall game, which I can see why you call it also an extension