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1. you're right we wouldnt get better from playing you guys but that doesnt mean that you wont get better. embrace the faceroll like we had to.
2. you wouldn't know how many games ive lost to improve because you don't do ranked. Ive had more ranked experience and lost many games because i actually do ranked. you think i always played with uncensored? i know what it means to get facerolled. ive experienced wat you've experienced.
Before you were in uncensored and when i was in TL7 we played you guys and LD50 a lot. Ive lost over 100 ranked games, but like i said earlier, towards the end of me being in the guild, when we made a set team, are best 8 would have probably given you guys a game. Still wouldn't be close, but we would be able to kill you guys. And the reason we got better was weeks of premades and trying to superqueue along with ranked games with guilds other than uncensored and LD. What me and the other guilds participating are trying to do is get better so we can have more teams queueing on a regular basis. I'm not suggesting the way you have put forth doesn't work, its just i think this is a faster way of getting a set team with coordinated players.