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First off, most of the guilds in this don't have extensive tryouts or require an application, so why do you think that they can just go into a game with you guys and even stay alive long enough to learn from it? Second, there are guilds that can still give you guys competition regaurdless they just need more time to develop in a competitive 8v8 warzone. And if we're playing with baddies and it wouldn't get us better than why do you care? do you want us to play you? you want to play "baddies". Oh wait, i thought you said that doesn't get a team better. Besides, most of the guilds that are considering entering are pretty good and can compete if they practice. And i believe uncensored was a prominent guild when you joined and i think you yourself haven't had to lose a lot before you learned from your mistakes and improved.
1. you're right we wouldnt get better from playing you guys but that doesnt mean that you wont get better. embrace the faceroll like we had to.
2. you wouldn't know how many games ive lost to improve because you don't do ranked. Ive had more ranked experience and lost many games because i actually do ranked. you think i always played with uncensored? i know what it means to get facerolled. ive experienced wat you've experienced.
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