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Nope, we want normal mode to fact they could make it easier and just call it story mode. By putting in an easy easy mode it allows the "casual" to see the content and at the same time allows the devs 2 more modes to raise the difficulty level. Anyone who raids knows that normal mode doesnt even count as raiding....its jjust seeing the content.
Yea. Normal as a base level is fine. The point of the original post is geared towards loot rewards mostly, which I agree with pretty much because bioware have made a pretty poor choice in mixing up the tionese/columi/rakata stuff between difficulties in my view. I would rather not have difficulties, mostly because I like my MMOs to be a continuous 'world'. Some stuff easy some stuff hard.

But if your going to do difficulties... do it right. WOW when it implemented difficulties dithered over how it was supposed to be. Either normal was faceroll easy or it was genuinely difficult. Either way it either shut out either the middle tier of people skill wise or the people who are genuinely uncommital and couldnt hack the more tightly tuned normal modes. Having a normal mode thats literally laugh out loud faceroll sorts that.

Problem with it at the moment is the shuffled rewards are a bit silly and difficulty on the higher end is too low rather than normal mode itself.
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