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Can you explain that in more detail with regards to volt rush. How is it better and how do you put it into your rotation / priority casts!

Also, any feed back on what alacrity percentage I should be using with that set up.
Elemental Convention is the most mind numbingly dumb 14k dps of your life. With that tactical a lightning sorc's rotation consists of 3 abilities.

Thundering blast>chain lightning>volt rush>chain lightning>volt rush repeat.

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If you're in a situation where cleave is actually warranted, then yes. But if you're using that all the time in ranked, most of your damage will just be meaningless fluff. Stormwatch is obviously superior for single target, which is much more commonly useful.
I don't understand how players can say that 14k cleave dps is "fluff damage." 14k dps from a player is singlehandidly more than hps capacity of 90% of the healers in the game. You try to play a game against a ling sorc that is cleaving on 3+ dps and call it "fluff" damage.
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