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Quote: Originally Posted by IamtherealKyle View Post
lmfao please ignore this ignorant post, clearly doesn't know how volt rush works

stormwatch is a meme get elemental convection and abuse double chain lightning proc w/ volt rush. don't listen to kids telling you "there is no use for volt rush" as lightning sorc
If you're in a situation where cleave is actually warranted, then yes. But if you're using that all the time in ranked, most of your damage will just be meaningless fluff. Stormwatch is obviously superior for single target, which is much more commonly useful.

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Also, any feed back on what alacrity percentage I should be using with that set up.
You've basically got three options:

1.4 gcd - 331: closest you can get is a r-20 enhancement
1.3 gcd - 1895: two 286 augs, three r-3s and an r-16
1.3 gcd (1.1 under polarity shift plus 1.3 gcd one gcd early) - 2128: eight 286 augs, r-1 (or implant), r-5, r-10

No one has worked it out exactly yet, but crit should be at about 3000. Naturally 0 accuracy for pvp.