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Well, i only found two of them (out of seven, that i tested) and not sure about the third, it takes too much time to test them in real PvP because my guild is dead and well i want to to right things in PvP and not to gimp myself and test something i shouldn't while doing something weird...

Ward of the Continuum - not sure about this one, i just cannot get it work even on fleet dummy.
Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep - does not work at all.

No time for fools - i dont think that it works, but my Anni Mara is my least played character in 6.0 so i haven't tested it properly.

Tactical list for reference (found it on reddit, not complete and only lists vendor items)

The ďNo time for foolísĒ tactical says standard and weak targets. As far back as I can remember, that description for any utility or ability etc has been a dead give away that it doesnít work in pvp, operations or flash point bosses because none of them are considered standard or weak targets,
So that tactical is a dead give away that it wonít work.

For your sin, are you specíd for darkness? If not, that would be why itís not working. Otherwise it should be working and if itís not, then itís likely a bug. The same as the Mara utility that is bugged and doesnít work in pvp or pve (sorry canít remember itís name) thatís supposed to reset your leap to give you a second one. Instead, it just goes on CD.

There are so many bugs in this expansion that it still feels like itís in beta. Can I suggest you write a bug report in the forum bug section for the sin tactical (if you are darkness spec). That would help draw attention to it not working,

Edit: there are also some general tacticalís not on that list. One I can think of builds up your Crit chance every second until you Crit. As soon as you Crit it resets. Itís a good opener as you usually have 140% Crit before the match starts.
Of course, Iím only using it until I get some class specific ones, but Iíve got 4, so Iím using them.