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Well, i only found two of them (out of seven, that i tested) and not sure about the third, it takes too much time to test them in real PvP because my guild is dead and well i want to to right things in PvP and not to gimp myself and test something i shouldn't while doing something weird...

Ward of the Continuum - not sure about this one, i just cannot get it work even on fleet dummy.
Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep - does not work at all.

No time for fools - i dont think that it works, but my Anni Mara is my least played character in 6.0 so i haven't tested it properly.

Tactical list for reference (found it on reddit, not complete and only lists vendor items)

SWTOR goes F2P; 2014 PvP FAQ, A: "We have no plans at this time" (c)
2014 cantina, A: "They’d love to do that at some point, but technically very challenging and unlikely to happen in the near future." (c)
2016 livestream: "RNG is exciting"