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There is one of those points that I would disagree with or slightly modify.

Don't always fight ON the node but close enough that you can attack it but far enough out from an AoE or CC. This is obvious for ranged toons, but DPS should learn this as well.

Take voidstar: If 4 teammates defending are right on the node, then all it takes is a couple AoEs or CC's and they are all dead or unable to stop the plant. It also makes it more difficult for healers (I would think I've never been one) if everyone is getting a couple 8/9K AoEs stacked. When I see that, I try to stay back or awe the couple mercs that are AoEing the group.

Really I think sents should focus more on the healers and drop trans for the defense buff. Killing attackers isn't always the best course of action in voidstar at least.
You are correct in your statement, but my list is just general suggestions. You are going into details. If I did that it would be a wall of text and no one would read it.

I am going for more general situational awareness for pvp players in general.

If you want you could bring up details for everything I listed just for the sake of saying it is wrong.
Situational Awareness: improve your Unranked WZ experience
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