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03.12.2016 , 04:22 PM | #44
2p bonus

You've never exactly been generous with stat boosts, so, I guess, for a 2p bonus it's ok. A whole 2% reminds me of that "20% chance to shoot an extra whatever" in D3 that never procced; like, you never see that it procs, you forget that it's there, you don't really care, and if you get the chance to change it to something better, you will.

4p bonus

Now this is quite great, actually, and I don't feel like I should have to mention why.

6p bonus

Blade Turning? Hmm, that's actually quite lovely. Now I can doze off a little more.

Invincible, who cares? The only time I ever use Invincible is when I'm near death, at which point I use it with Saber Ward, and I die anyway, because I took on more than I could handle. Lower the cooldown by more than 3 seconds, and I might actually care to remember that this ability exists.

Quick recap:

The 6p bonus should be the 2p bonus.
The 2p bonus should be the 4p bonus.
The 4p bonus should be the 6p bonus.

Just my opinion.
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