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The strike is a great mobile support and utility platform with excellent medium-range killing power (Quads), though these lasers do not synergize well at all with the missile options (why do all the secondaries on these ships suck?). Thermite is very fun to use, however! I have a variant of the Clarion on the other faction that definitely changes the gameplay and offensive power of the ship, I'll list it soon. I'm hoping people have come up with interesting alternatives to the new ships.

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I will say that I think HLC would've synergized much better with the missile options than RFL/LLC. Especially with thermites and their shield pierce effect after a hit. I have found running a co-pilot with bypass works out very well to increase the amount of shield pierce you have against tough targets.

Thanks to the engine nerfs long lock on time missiles are actually fairly viable against targets other than bombers now. I was kinda worried that thermites/protons would be useless due to too easily being evaded.