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02.04.2013 , 01:10 PM | #15
Bump for justice. Great questions, definitely among the most important and popular for the PvP community. I'll add my own as it pertains to my two mains and will be the sole cause of my Subing or dumping this game like a sack of rocks.

1) How do you feel about DPS Mandos/Mercs (Both Gunnery and Assault) and DPS Scoundrels/Ops (Both Concealment and Lethality) being nothing short of not viable for Ranked PvP? Having very few utility and mediocre to decent damage, there is absolutely no reason to bring these classes to a ranked match. Please shed some light on your thoughts to their current state and why you feel it's justified to leave these horribly underpowered and dysfunctional specs in their present state.

Some solid answers on those topics would be much appreciated.