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12.04.2019 , 10:29 AM | #7
To add some more ideas for room decos:

This came to mind after reading the request for rooms with higher ceilings.

Decorations for room with modest ceilings IMO it is correct that many of the larger decos we have reach into the celling (particularly statues etc. Many of those are intended for outside use or use near entrances of various sorts.

I also think that we need more decos that would work inside of just about any room that simply would fit better. This is not a negative indictment of development of current decorations available. I do, however, believe that we should see some more decos made available that would work in rooms with a moderate ceiling height.

I would also like to see more items to help create a "theme" of sorts. There are literally hundreds of possibilities here.

I have noticed several items from Onderon that would be REALLY nice:
1. The taxidermy mounted Wampa beast (and a few others.. but particularly the Wampa) that is found in the hunting lodge .
2. Several pieces of furniture scattered throughout the main building flower arrangements as well.
3. Small artifacts found scattered in the game

There is already a really nice wall relief that I have purchased several of from the rep dealer in Onderon ( A big thanks to development team for that nice wall deco !! ). A few more wall decos like that would be VERY nice.

Along those lines I'd like to see more decos (like the wall relief and the afore mentioned Wampa beast) found at the rep dealer instead of just the CM.

BTW... it should be noted that IMO we have all sorts of cantina decos it would be good to see some other really nice arrangements that would reflect something else as well.

Sorry for the mess !! Just some random thoughts I thought I'd like to share as long as we're in that kind of mode.

I hope this doesn't take away from the idea of still looking forward to some NEW LOCATIONS !!