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With the release of each new update (such as 6.0) I'm quite certain that a number of us are looking forward to the possibilities of "new" SH locations to be opened up.

As I understand it these are the current locations:
1. Coruscant
2. Dromund Kaas
3. Nar Shaddaa
4. Tatooine
5. Yavin 4
6. Manaan
7. Rishi
8. Umbara "Mobile"

Here are a couple of ideas that seem to have come up more than once. And perhaps a few ideas to go with the requests for those locations.

***Space Station Type***
A. Location: My personal thought on this would be to initially locate it on the outer rim. This might work well with the current story and fit well with the past stories whether LS or DS. ALSO … as a possible suggestion it should be considered to be able to relocate what sector of space (based on current map) to relocate to for a "nominal charge either in CC or credits".
B. Design features
This station should have:
1. An over all design style on the interior that simular to the "City in the Clouds" from Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back". Development would use their discretion to design as needed or desired .. just make it fun and unique !
2. At least one observation deck to view the open stars around us … This would be a great view from a "clear domed area in the center top or bottom … that gives a breath taking view of space. This would be a real challenge for the team.. but IMO … worth it ! Design MIGHT include a loading dock for player ship.
3. Larger than Manaan ... but NOT LARGER than Nar Shaddaa.

***Hoth / Private Chalet [ see edit #2 at bottom] ***
A. Location: "summer resort" on Hoth .. JK .. You get the idea. Still will freeze the snow and keep things on ice... but a place on Hoth where the ski slopes close by will be nice. And yet … what a view. The development team knows exactly what I'm talking about !!

B. Design suggestions. Go wild with this one. Part inside (maybe even build part of it in the side of a mountain... ) Not too large (Larger than Manaan ) … but don't over do it ! The one thing that I might suggest would be a ski slope that a player could guide their toon down the side of a long stretch for a run. AND .. a private lift back to the top ! (Just a thought). This could be really fun !

EDIT: Some have made these suggestions … so have I (in another part of the forum board ) .. but these are just my thoughts on these ideas ....

EDIT #2 It has been called to my attention that a good alternate location for the chalet might be Alderaan. This might be a possible compromise … As long as we get the ski lift !

EDIT #2 expansion :
Think of this as a winter resort / retreat / complete with a very nice ski run (and lift) ; landing pad for a ship; out door view. It's size and functionality somewhere between Mannan and Nar Sahddaa… but with a totally new look that works with the ski resort / chalet concept.

Go for it dev team !!