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Need that 40% so we(Mercs) can participate in NiM operations, so far we cant, due to the heavy loss in dps..

this is not about pvp.. its about making it fair for everyone
LoL, you want to talk about fair. Come try playing a Lightening Sorc. They have been under perfoming in dps since before 5.0, while Mercs were number one since 5.0. But when Mercs got a tiny nerf that didn’t really effect their OPS viability, Sorcs didn’t get buffed, oh no, we got nerfed again.

Lightning Sorcs have had zero love for two years, but here you are campaigning for buffs to a class that has been FOTM for the last 14 months.
And what about your Bounty Hunter counter parts, Powertechs? They’ve also been at the bottom of the heap and got none of the love Mercs got. Both PTs and Lightning Sorcs have had zero love, where is the fairness there?

You want to talk about fair, well IMO Mercs are at the very bottom of the list of classes that need some love.
Fair is not buffing arguably the best defensive ranged dps in the game.
Fair is not nerfing other classes because that can kill you now if you aren’t on top of your game
Fair is not leaving the worst perfoming classes at the bottom of the rung.

If you want to campaign about fair things. How about asking Bioware to make it so everyone has the same gear lvl in pvp so there are no gear advanatages. Or make it cheaper to buy or make 236 Augments, Or make it all cross faction so more Republic players can get pops. Or open another APAC/west coast server.

All of those things would level the playing field for everyone to play pvp based on skill alone. When that happens you’ll get a better understanding of how your class stacks up against other classes or what skill level you really are.

Ideally, join a good pvp guild of friendly people who are willing to help you improve you skills,