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05.31.2012 , 03:57 PM | #801
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Can anyone answer as to whether or not they have even acknowledged that they think there is an issue??

I want them to either say, "yeah, we are working on it," or "we like it just the way it is."

This way I can either keep hope, or drop it completely.

Targeting in this game is HORRIBLE, especially in pvp.
No I don't think they even know, and is the reason why the last swtor community manager was fired, post like this have been all over the forums over the last 6+ months and all we really ever get is a Bio rep doing some crowd control pointing us to other links, the real issues at hand never gets addressed because they never make it to the dev team, I hope our new swtor community manager is on the ball and reports all the credible post to the dev team to take a closer look.