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06.16.2019 , 06:25 PM | #1

I would love to seen a major update of visuals for all the character details and graphics.

Please note, I'm not suggesting a change in design or art style but instead superior definition.

I understand it's not an easy task nor a major priority but I do believe it would be appreciated and beneficial long term as well.

I play on Ultra graphics running at full capacity with 4K and it's look great but I do believe there's room for improvement.

I really do love this game and wish for it to stay relevant for times to come!

Personally I believe it would be worth Bio-wares time to invest into such an idea and at the very least consider it.

Although graphics alone wouldn't be the saving grace to keep the game healthy, it surely wouldn't hurt!

I'm so passion about the game!!I I would even help fund it myself. Hahaha
Maybe it's the first time to try or to return to the game? A major update of new content will be added very soon! I genuinely do recommend at least checking it out, the community is very supportive and welcoming. Please feel free to ask questions and enjoy yourself.