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08.11.2019 , 03:23 AM | #9
It can be brought back, as I have encouraged it - AS LONG AS IT'S A TWO-WAY STREET.

Nico and Shae should be brought back occasionally, as they are in the opening cinematics - TRUE, and I been saying that for years, in favor of new players who DON'T have it; furthermore, same for Master Ranos for the have nots, in a new revamped DvL event, bring back for have nots HK-55... fine. Bonus chapter is at the limit - sub companions... fine. Veterans need to be compensated somehow, or no one is going to believe "exclusive" content is TRUELY exclusive, (since we're being "true" here,) for during times of game plunge when players stay subbed [solely] to get the shinies.

They can bring back ANY sub reward, from 2.0 on (it gets fuzzy prior), as long as players who already have it are compensated, FAIRLY. Pvp Ranked also has to put up ALL it's color crystals ever and all Ranked weapons on the Ranked Seasons vendor to adjust, as they shouldn't have the TRUELY ONLY EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, especially if my sub reward Black-Purple Striated color crystals & mounts & sub weapons & sub party jawa aren't exclusive anymore. Pvp Ranked had the Black-Blue Striated & Black-Silver Striated (the darkest crystal in the game, as we'll never see a Black-Black color crystal (that was on PTS) that players have been asking for in large numbers for many years) color crystals - REFLECTION OF FAIRNESS [THROUGHOUT] THE GAME.

Just don't act like you're entitled or somehow wronged or a victim for not paying the price during the promotions' time frames
(and expecting not to compromise or compensate - as you should thank veterans, given the long~ past history (which you weren't a sub) of firewalling it.)