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Very good post, thanks for that.

While it's true there is such a thing as exclusive content, i think the context behind HK needs considered. As we all know the HK series of droids were prominent in KOTOR, and a part of many a good childhood memories grinding the game,

KOTOR is responsible for a lot of the players who play today being SWTOR players, and I can't help feeling resentment I cant play what is definitively KOTOR based content just because I found the game later than other people.

Bioware needs to consider that people playing KOTOR as kids when it was first around, are just now becoming adults, myself included. There's an entire generation out there lying untapped as potential players that most likely could NOT sub before at these times.
Its not as if they market SWTOR very well. Its hidden you need to look for it.

So I feel that should really be considered.
I understand the need to be sensitive to "both sides" but why is there two sides. What reasonable reason is there for not wanting other players to have access to content. That's not an attitude that should be allowed consideration in my opinion.

It very may well have been marketed as exclusive but there is no mention of it when you subscribe you're supposed to get every expansion. Either we should or the description should be rectified to more accurately reflect the truth. I don't like missing out on what I thought I was entitled to.
It's harder to find out about this bonus chapter than this game, google: online or computer games - they've been around for decades (played EQ1 and EQ2 growing up - other peoples' ignorance and self-serving rationalizing shouldn't penalize or screw over veteran players who have been here since Beta/ Day 1 and kept the lights on throughout the ups and downs of this game).
The truth is you're NOT entitled to the bonus chapter or past sub rewards/ exclusive content because you just walked off the street and want it. I, like others here, kept a 6 month subscription for the sole purpose of getting the bonus chapter, when this game was in a deep recession/ content plunge. Just bc You Want It and You Want It-Now, don't think it shouldn't be a two-way street for people who stay subbed AND already have it.