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Since the devs aren't likely to be kindhearted and make it available at least put somethng in the CM that we can buy that allows us access to the final chapter,

Why would you make that content so exclusive what a waste of the developers efforts.
I reply the same here as in all other threads about this topic.

Back then, this bonus chapter was the only reason why I kept my sub. I had cancelled my sub for the first time, because I was angry about how badly they handled the winter exploit that was going on for too long. And just a few days before my sub finally ran out, they made this special subscription offer: stay subbed for the next 6 months and get the bonus chapter and some shinies. That's why I renewed my sub after all.

From my point of view, I paid those 6 months subscription only for that bonus chapter. Sure, I also could continue playing the game. However, that would have been possible as F2P as well.

My feeling is thus that I wouldn't be happy if BW dumped the bonus chapter on the cartel market for a few Euros.

However, I also believe that the bonus chapter is too fun to keep it away from so many people.

My suggestion therefore still is to offer the bonus chapter on the cartel market for the price of 6 months subscription. That's not cheap. But at least it is an option. And players can decide for themselves whether it's worth it or not.

I don't say that this is the best solution. Or a good solution at all. I just say that this would be a solution that I would be OK with.
Bioware offers a friend referal system which gives referred players a couple of goodies (incl. 7 free days of sub and a neat free 10 x inventory slot for every character) and referring players some little shinies and cartel coins.
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