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10.03.2017 , 10:11 AM | #6
Either that or maybe they can add in more weapons the classes can use and learn. I mean the proficiency should remain where they are as the classes should do best with their proficient weapon; but they can learn how to use others. I mean it has been showcased that troopers carry sidearms with them and imperial commandos and operatives use sidearms as well; but why can we not learn these skills. I am not asking for these classes to gain the more proficient abilities that the smuggler and bounty hunter know; however I believe adding in the ability to learn how to use new weapons. This i think will add more uniqueness to the characters that you create. Maybe they could implement this through you can select a given number of weapons you can learn out of maximum number of allowed trainable weapons within a given pool. I do believe that you also should have to actually dedicate some form of either currency or quest line to unlock these given weapon skills.