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From what i see your dps is low. To make up for that i suggest that you incorporate some of the nim strats (to the ppl that can pull them off) to meet the check. One of these is to hav 2 of your healers stay at home to heal the tanks. The other 2 should be helping dps the tent and aoe heal anyone who is at low health from slams. Dps can also start eating slams with an appropriate dcd.
Sin - aoe dr utility plus force speed or shroud
Sorc - bubble yourself plus aoe dr utilitie plus cloud mind or unnatural pres with dr utility for lighting. For maddness unnatural pres dr plus cloud mind plus aoe dr.
Mara - aoe dr plus cloak of pain or force camo (be sure not to leave camo before the hit) or saber ward or undying rage
Jugg - threatening scream or saber ward plus endure pain
Op - stim boost plus aoe dr plus shield probe.
Sniper - entrench (with 60% dr utility) or evasion (while in cover) plus shield probe. Also make sure u take ballistic dampeners and cover dr utilities. Note there is a much more complex rotation that evolves sniper shield. Sniper shield can replace any of the other dr abilities on this list. In viru since the shield is longer it can be used for 2 slams.
Merc - aoe dr plus energy shield
Vanguard - aoe dr plus energy shield
The tank who is not holding the boss should also be dpsing the tent until spit happens. Another way to increase up time is to put a dot or an ability that doesnt damage right away right before jumping back through the portal to the tent.
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